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Quote Requests for WooCommerce

Use your existing products inventory to create quotes for your physical customers. They can be later turned into orders either manually, via email, or via their user accounts. Online customers can also make quote requests for products you allow.

Locked Payment Methods for WooCommerce

Lock certain payment methods from being used publicly and allow only pre-approved customers to pay for orders using them. Integrates with 3rd-party plugins like WC Memberships and Groups to grant access to a whole group of people at once.

from $49.99

Internal Comments

Leave admin-facing comments that are only visible to yourself and your coworkers on any registered post type (including WooCommerce orders and products). Inline replies and convenient quick-view on WP tables.

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Linked Orders for WooCommerce

Create new orders that are logically connected to an existing one. Automatically copy over all the original customer info and maintain an easy overview of your original and follow-up orders.