About Deep Web Solutions

Deep Web Solutions is a small web development company located in Bremen, Germany that focuses primarily on building and supporting WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Antonius “Tony” hegyes

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

I started freelancing in web development back in early 2016 and focused mostly on local clients in and around Bremen. A little over a year later, I decided to launch Deep Web Solutions together with two of my clients at the time. The initial focus of DWS was that of a web development & marketing agency, but my dream was to start a plugin business eventually.

In July of 2019, I was successfully pre-vetted by Codeable as a WordPress expert where I have been helping clients become successful with their projects for almost two years afterwards. You can read my reviews on my public profile.

In early 2020, I started work on the 5th generation of my open-source framework for building WordPress plugins and, as of April 2021, started offering free and premium plugins built on top of said framework.

I’ve personally built most of the plugins on our site, and I try to do as much of the support as I can. The goal is, together with my partners and other employees, that we deliver top-quality plugins with top-quality support for technical and non-technical customer alike.